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These highly recommended filters will empower people and households to have their own contingency plan for the “all-time/anytime” provision of clean and safe water thereby maintaining the integrity of their own water consumption. It is the only filter globally, with this hollow fibre technology, that can thread directly onto a threaded water connection. It can thread onto a non-threaded connection by means of attaching the universal connector.

The sustainability of this filter is due to the fact that there is no need to replace the filter cartridge (i.e. dependent on care taken of the filter and turbidity of the source water). They maintain their effectiveness throughout their lifespan which is determined by the environmental elements acting on the filter. The filters are small, robust and portable thus making an ideal “travel companion”.

Globally Unique: Effective, Portable and Sustainable.

Sydney 905 Filters (Pty) Ltd is based on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and has designed, developed and supplies two highly recommended and globally unique filters, namely, the Sydney 905 Filter ® which is a 0.1 micron hollow fibre Point-of-Use (POU) microfiltration water filter as well as the Sydney 905 Purifier ® which is a 0.01 micron hollow fibre POU ultrafiltration water purifier. Both are highly effective, cost efficient, fully sustainable and portable and will augment any existing water supply systems, whether improved or unimproved, urban or rural.

Access to safe water

Imagine a world where everyone has access to clean water – where mothers can provide safe water to their families – where sickness doesn’t rob the children of their education through absenteeism. 

Saving money

Imagine a world where money doesn’t have to be spent on buying medication for preventable waterborne diseases but is spent feeding hungry people. Imagine a world where parents can feel healthy enough to work and earn a living so they can help change their world for the better.

Safe And Secure

Sydney 905 Filters (Pty) Ltd manufactures and supplies two filters, namely, a 0.1 micron hollow fibre Point-of-Use (POU) water filter as well as a 0.01 micron hollow fibre POU water purifier that are both highly effective, cost efficient, fully sustainable and portable and will augment any existing water supply systems, whether improved or unimproved.

Changing Lives – One Filter at a Time

“I use the filter on my houseboat and it has changed my life.”

Clint Marx

“I am delighted with my Sydney905 Water Filters. This is such a stunning product, that I bought one for my son, who stays in the Cape, and I have referred several friends to Justin, to purchase one for themselves. Our water quality is terrible, and these water filters have really made a huge difference.”

Dianne Visser

“Everyone that I have sold a filter to in Zambia is very happy with it. It is most certainly changing lives.”

Fortune Mahembe

“For years now we have been considering a filtration system, most of the systems we looked at were overpriced and complicated to fit. By chance, we came across the Sydney905 water filter. We are now enjoying filtered tap water with just a little extra freshness to it. Super affordable, easy to fit, and a simple online purchase .Thanks guys for this great little gadget and lovely sparkling drinking water.”

Jenny and Johan Radcliffe

Our Values

The company prides itself in its level of customer service and professionalism whilst still ensuring fair and competitive pricing. We are acutely aware that our product is vital to underpinning human and environmental betterment initiatives and thus make every endeavour to align our core capabilities to support these initiatives, both locally and internationally.

Sydney 905 Pricing

Our aim is to provide a sustainable, top quality water filters/purifers at an affordable price. For international orders over 100 units, please email


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